What you NEED when you READ

Do you like reading books? If you do, maybe you already have lots of books in your house. Books are the main tool to acquire knowledge on a certain subject. Though there are lots of information that you can find in the internet, there are still readers who likes books that surfing in the internet. Books are handy and can be carried anywhere you go. If you want to read interesting books, you can search all the best selling books online. You can also search some interesting books in the library. You can ask the librarian about the books that are mostly borrowed. Ask also your friends if they have some interesting books that they can recommend. If you want to understand the book that you are reading properly, you should need to know the proper way of reading. Some people just read the words and sentences in the books without even understanding what they read. You also need few things in order for you to enjoy reading books.


Here are few things that you need when you read




Yes! The first thing you need if you want to read is the book. Do you want to read a book that will not suit your interest? Most people stop reading and think that reading is boring because they choose a random book which doesn’t suit their interest. You will not be able to enjoy a book if it is not interesting. You should choose a book that is base on your interest. For example, you love funny movies or TV shows, you might want to read funny novels. Novels have different genres like, funny, horror, drama, fiction, history etc. If you are still studying or in college, you might want to read books that is related in your course to expand your knowledge about it.


Comfortable Place


After you choose the book that you want to read, the next thing you need to do is choose a comfortable place for you to read. You might want to read in your room so that no one can distract you from reading. Choose a place wherein there is peace. Stay away from a noisy place; you definitely won’t understand what you are reading because of noise and other distractions. If you want to read in a cool place like park, make sure to bring earplugs so that you won’t be able to hear sounds around you. You also need to choose a comfortable position while you read.




Do you want to fully understand the book that you are reading? There are times that readers don’t understand a certain scene in the book when they encounter some words that they don’t know or understand. You need to bring a dictionary with you so that you will be able to know the meaning of the word that you see in the first time. It will be hard for readers to understand the word even if they read the sentence multiple times. So bring a dictionary so that you don’t need to stop reading and think for a long time for the meaning of the word.


Book Mark


A book mark has a very important role in reading books. You can place the book mark in the page where you stop reading, in that way, when you read again, you will surely know where to start reading. It will be a waste of time trying to search page by page just to know where you stop the last time you read. Even if you plan to finish the book that you are reading in your whole day, you still need a bookmark. What if you need to go into the bathroom? What if your family members ask you to help them for a while? Isn’t it useful?




When you read, your face is close to the book that you read especially if you read while lying on your bed. It is a good idea to wear glasses (reading glass) so that your eyes won’t hurt too much if you plan to read for a long time especially if the words that you read are getting blurry. You won’t be able to understand the words that you read when your sight is getting blurry.




If you already choose your book and your place to read, you might want to bring food. If you are planning to read in a park don’t forget to bring food. In that way, you don’t need to stop reading a search for food when you feel hungry. Most people can’t absorb information that they hear or read when they are feeling hungry. You can bring snacks to avoid getting hungry when you read. Don’t forget to bring water. Research shows that if you drink lots of water, your brain will function properly.




Most readers read books in day times, there are also readers who read books before they go to sleep. If you are planning to read at night, you should have light so that you can see the words clearly. Even if you read in a dim place, your eyes will surely get hurt if you try to read in a dim or dark place. Most readers have a lamp on their tables so that even if they turn of the light in their room, there is still a lamp to light up the book.


You will definitely gain lots of information by reading different types of books. Books can also be use for entertainment. It can remove the stress of a reader. It can also affect the personality or the mood of a person depends on the type of book that they read. For example, you read a funny novel before you go to work; you will surely be in a good mood all day. If you want to search for some interesting books online, I recommend Peter Andrew Sacco because his books are very interesting and he is also a good author.


Additional Tips


  • If you don’t have enough money to buy a book, you can go into a library and borrow books.
  • You can also read in the library if you want a peaceful place to read.
  • If you read a book outside your house and you forgot your dictionary, you can still write down all the words that you don’t understand and know their meaning when you got home.
  • Make sure that the food you will eat will not make your stomach ache; you will not be able to enjoy or finish what you are reading if you stay in the toilet.
  • You also need to try other genres of books; there are other books that will definitely suit your interest too.


Building appetite on reading-Best selling novels online

Books are the best tools to gain knowledge, but before you gain knowledge from books, you should learn how to read. People start to enhance their reading skills when they go to school. Teachers teach students the proper way of reading. If you don’t know how to read or hard to understand every word; you will surely have a problem on gaining new knowledge. There are people who become addicted on reading books because their knowledge expands and they can use that knowledge to tackle the trials that come into their life. Books can also be use as a stress remover especially when they are reading novels. If you love reading novels, you can search all the best selling novels online, in that way you can choose the novel that you like. You can also tell if the novel that you will choose or buy is interesting by the comments of other people. If you are losing appetite on reading books, you should read the tips below.


Here are some tips on how to build appetite on reading books


Begin with small books


Most people or readers are losing appetite because the book that they read has lots of characters and has some difficult issues. For beginners, they will surely have a hard time absorbing the story. There are also people who become lazy and stop reading the book because it has a very long story. All you need to do is start reading a short story. When you can already read fast and you can absorb or understand a short story properly, you can read long story books. The more books you read, the more your reading skills can improve. You also need to start reading a book which is interesting. People who read book wherein they have no idea about it usually stops reading and lose appetite on reading.


Ask someone


Do you know a person that really loves reading books and already recommend some good books on you? If you know someone that knows you very well and they already read the book that they recommend to you, it will be easier for you to find a book that will suit you. That person will also helps you and motivate you to continue read books. Try asking a friend that is close to you, they surely know you well. You can also discuss or share the book that you read with your friend. In that way, you can have fun with your friend while reading a book. You can also ask your family members if they have some interesting book that they can recommend.




In order to concentrate or focus on reading book, you should avoid distractions. You should find a place that is peaceful and away from noise. There are people who can focus on reading books even if they are listening on some music. Since you only start reading books, you should read into a place where you feel comfortable. You should also find a position to read. If you are in your house and there are some noise around. You can put ear plugs on your ear so that you won’t hear noise. If you really want to read peacefully and without noise; you can go and read in the library.


Interesting Books


The first thing you need to do if you want to enjoy reading books is to choose a book that interests you. Most people think that reading book is not enjoyable because they read random books. If you want a book that will make you happy, you should read a book that is funny. If you already read a book that you enjoy, try looking for another book that has the same author. In that way, you be sure that the book that you will read is enjoyable too. If you choose a book that you don’t like, you will surely not enjoy it and you will lose appetite.


Book Club


If you want to expand your reading skills and build appetite on reading, you can join a book club. In a book club, members will surely recommend some books that are interesting. You can also try some books that you don’t read. Since you have a type of book that you like, there are times that you won’t even bother to try reading other types of books. For example, you like reading funny books and you already read lots of them. Why don’t you try reading horror, suspense, romance or fiction? It is also a good idea to try reading other books so that you will gain different knowledge.


Clean book


If you have lots of books in your house, try cleaning them. Do you want to read a book that is full of dust? You may not know, there are some interesting books in your shelf. There are times that you don’t notice that you have interesting books in your house because the title of the books is covered with dust. Try to clean your book shelf and do some sorting. You can put all the books that are interesting in one place in the shelf. In that way, you will be able to know where to get the books that are interesting.


If you want to enjoy reading a book, you can eat snack and drink juice while you are reading. In that way, you don’t need to stop reading just to get food when you feel hungry. Always remember to put a book mark into the page where you stop reading so that you will know where to start when you read the book again. If you want to finish the book that you read quickly, all you need to do is carry your book anywhere you go. If you are going out, you can put your book into your bag. If you love reading novels, I recommend Peter Andrew Sacco because his books are interesting and he is also a great author.




Different Types of Books – best selling books online

A book can mean different thing, but basically this is a written or printed work that consist of pages. But most people see this as a thing that contains different pages and topics. Basically there are different kind of books and different topics. A book is known as the main source of knowledge since the early age because a book contains different subject and knowledge that the author wrote. If you want to look for some other great reading materials and books you can search the internet and browse some of the bestselling novels or you can also look for the bestselling books online and look for the bestselling author who produce awesome books that are available online.


Here are some of the different kinds of books:



What is a dictionary? Well basically this is a kind of book that concerns on words. It has a collection of words and their meaning. What is the use of a dictionary? This is used to find the meaning of a word and on how they are pronounced. This also shows some example on how the word is used in a sentence. This can be very helpful to some essayist because the more words you know the more efficient you are at creating creative essays.


Comic Book

This is a very popular type of books especially for children. So basically a comic has also a set of pages except that it has a story and the characters are drawn in it. You can notice that in a comic they create a speech bubble where the script of the characters can be read. If you want to create your own comic books then you have to decide a good story for it. Basically each scene in the story is drawn in a panel and has their script.



Usually a novel is a long prose narrative that describes fictional characters and events. So basically a novel has a story that can have an unrealistic event. Have you ever watch Twilight saga? Well this is a popular movie, but this movie is taken from a novel and made into a movie. Most big hit movies came from novels. A novel also has different genre, this is the theme of the story. This genre can be romance, action, horror, sci-fi and many more.



With our time today, we have different technologies that can help us gain more knowledge and more convenient living. EBook is one of the popular types of book that is made today using the technology. Basically this is a book that can be read using a kindle; basically it is used using a gadget. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to publish an eBook. Basically you can create your own eBook and publish it yourself. 


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Different Benefits of Reading Books – best selling books online

Back in the days, there are lots of things that can make us intelligent even without the gadgets that we have today. One of this is the book, but beside that there are also different benefits that you can get just by reading. But what is a book? Basically this is a set of papers that contains lot of printed work. Usually books are used for education and also for entertainment. Here are some list of the benefits you can get from reading:


Reading Feeds the Mind

Well, we all know that reading is the main source of knowledge. Even at early years, books are proven to give knowledge to different person. In fact, they are also used for teaching until now. Basically reading gives you a lot of benefits; one of the benefits is that when you read you will learn from it. Example if you are looking for some tutorial, you tend to look for books and learn the tutorial just by reading.


Improve Quality of Conversation

This is an obvious advantage of reading. Basically if you have a lot of knowledge or a wide knowledge of different topics then the tendency is that whenever you do conversation with other you can cope up with different topics. Obtaining different information will give you a much wider understanding on different subject and topics that will help you give interesting things for the conversation. The wider you knowledge about different thing, then the more topics you can give for conversation.


Increase Vocabulary

Usually when reading, you will come across different words that you don’t know. Some people are getting the meaning of the word just by reading the sentence where the unfamiliar word is. This tends to increase the vocabulary of the reader, this also increase the ability to create sentence using different words. When reading some people list all the unfamiliar words and then search them in a dictionary which is also another way to understand the meaning of the words.


Stress Reduction

There are lots of things that can cause stress in our life, but there are also ways to beat them and reduce stress in our life. Basically many people choose to play and have fun to remove stress, while some people choose to read to reduce the stress they have. Reading can give different emotions to the reader depending on what kind of book they read. Reading is actually more interesting because of the stories that they can read.


If you want to look for some other great reading materials and books you can search the internet and browse some of the bestselling novels or you can also look for the bestselling books online and look for the bestselling author who produce awesome books that are available online.


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The Reasons why Books are better than TV – Bestselling Books online

Why reading is better than watching TV? Are there any benefits from these circumstances? These are just a few questions that are raised by most of the people and readers. Lots of people just love to read many books and many novels because this habit gives them lots of knowledge and benefits from reading these reading materials. In fact, reading has been proven to the one of the things that gives lots of benefits for the readers not just to earn different knowledge but also from exercising our brain and sharpen it. There are lots of people who also love to watch TV because televisions give us information and entertainment when we are watching it. Watching TV lets us getting aware from what are the latest events and news all around the globe but admit it or not too much watching TV has also disadvantages same through with reading.

Reading from these Bestselling Books online gives us lots of benefits that we can use every day. Admit it or not reading has these few things that make it better than watching TV. These few things are just not noticed by most of the people. These advantages make the book better than watching TV.

Here are the Reasons why reading why reading is better than watching TV


We all want to have a quiet place where you want to do something or you don’t want to be disturbed while you are doing your habit. We don’t want to intend to be interrupt or distract when we are doing some stuff and we are concentrated that is why reading is one habit that produces no sound. Reading is quiet and if you do reading just produces sounds when you turn the page while reading. This quiet habit allows the people around you to hear minimal sounds unlike watching TV, TV produces different sounds and voices that might interrupt some people who are focused on what they are doing.


The disadvantage of watching TV is when you fell asleep you will lose anything from that particular night. You will lose whatever scene and action you are watching from. In this particular situation watchers are getting sad or pissed when they suddenly fell asleep while watching their favorite TV program or their favorite movies. The worst case scenario is when you wait for most several days for that particular TV program and then suddenly you fell asleep you will be getting easily pissed because the effort to wait is wasted unlike when you are reading and you fell asleep, when you wake up you can continue from whatever page you are reading and it is hustle free.


This is just a basic factor but gain lots of advantages. Reading books can be done anywhere and anytime just simply get the book turn the pages and you are ready to go. Probably you will not do the same thing as watching television because if you watch television anywhere you want you will bring the whole of your television showcase plus some power supplies and antennas to be able to watch anywhere. That might consider as one of the stupidest things you will doing. You will definitely not doing that aren’t you? Reading books can be done in any place and you will not be required to carry lots of things to do these things.


This is one of the funny things in reading books, you will not be experiencing commercials while reading. Unlike watching TV when the scene is almost o the main plot, then suddenly a commercial will flash and you will be getting pissed because these commercials are interrupting your feeling in the movie. Reading doesn’t contain these kind of disturbing things up. That is why in this section reading is more ahead than watching your own televisions.


Sharing is just a good manner for all of us not just for books but also from different things in our life. Particular with books, sharing is just simple if you have different books and your friend wants to read it you can share it from them and this manner will definitely build your relationships. This factor has two things to build your relationship from your friends and to share the story from the books.


The bottom line is there is nothing to worry about these two habits because this is just of our everyday life, there is anything wrong from watching TV in fact watching TV has also lots of benefits that give upon us. It is just a matter of balancing what is intend to be balanced from watching TV and from Reading Bestselling Books online. It is just depend upon us on how we use these things to gain our own physical and mental benefits.

Reading books from Bestselling authors makes the readers happy and entertained and for those who love to watch TV, watching makes them aware from what are happenings and the current events from the world no matter how much debate you made these things are part of our life and there are lots of purpose why these things are made for us.

Tools for Learning – bestselling books online

There are lots of things today that you can use for different purpose; there are also things that can give you benefits. Examples of this is the tools for learning, we know the fact that all people are experiencing learning since the day they are born. But is learning? Basically learning is a process wherein you acquire different knowledge through experience. These can be by study, practice or being taught. There are things that can help you with this process. Just like other thing wherein you tend to learn by using a tool, learning also needs a tool to help you acquire it. But first what is a tool? Basically these are things that can be used or can help you to achieve a certain goal. This is also described as a procedure or process with a specific purpose.



Books are the main source of knowledge even at the early times. Basically books are used in school to teach children about different topics. Do you know why it is still used as the main source of knowledge? Well mainly because not like any other device that needs electricity or battery to be used, books are very accessible and useful at any time. There are people that are called authors or writers who wrote books as their jobs. Basically there are different kinds of books, some used for study, some are about stories and some are fantasy. But whatever books it is, it will still provide knowledge for the reader. You can search for the bestselling books online to have an idea, I recommend looking for Peter Sacco for his books.



Internet is one of the most advance technology that runs worldwide. Almost everyone in the world is in the world of the internet wherein they just type what they want it the internet will provide result for that. But how does internet can be tool for learning? Basically, since every information in the world is in the internet, some people created a website in the internet for the purpose of learning. This are called computer aided instruction that aims to help and teach people through the use of internet.



Games are the most fun way to learn; usually this applies most for children. Since they hate studying and only want to play, some parents are having hard time looking for a way to teach their child. There are games that serve as a tool for learning. Example of this is the mind games, this are games created by man that aims to enhance the ability of the brain to think. From its word, this game is played using the mind. Are you familiar with chess? This can be played by any ages, it is a strategic game that has two player. The aim of each player is to capture every piece of the opponent. But you can only do this by forming a strategy.


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Effects of Too Much Excessive Reading – Bestselling Books Online

Lots of us love to read different books anytime and anywhere, reading books is totally important because this habit can enhance our brains and this is an alternative way to also develop our verbal skills and language skills. Lots of us just love to read books and there are lots of books to choose from, there are lots of types and stories to read enabling the reader to enjoy subscribing these stories whenever the next books is published. For the nerdy, reading books is just and this habit is their being and other personality this is a case where they intend to read lots of books to learn and there are lots of books to read. This habit makes it that reading books is just their normal hobby. Some says that being a good speaker on seminars and talks, is earned from reading lots of books and spend some time to read.

Did you know that too much reading books have bad effects too? These cases are most commonly experienced by most of the geek reader and the one who spend huge numbers of time in reading bestselling books online. Truly reading gives us lots of good benefits but excessive reading gives us also bad benefits. These cases are most commonly acquired if you spend the rest of the day reading or spending lots of time in reading.

Here are some effects of too much reading


One of the reason why people will have a poor eyesight is from, exposing in monitor for a long period of time or reading books in inappropriate manner if you read books with just a little support of light in dark places probably sooner you will be experiencing blur in your eyesight this is a sign that you have experiencing a poor eye sight. Reading in dark with a little low radius light is not a good reading habit. Reading with a good support of light like lampshade is the proper way because you will see the content of the books clearly. If you read books and the book is a feet away from your eye you can also gain difficulties in the eye because you read closely your eyes will be use to seeing things closely and other things that is far is not clear from your eye.


this disadvantage is you will not definitely lose your hearing from reading books, the point is as you read books your mind and your action is very focused from what you are reading enabling you to hear nothing around you. Your mind is set to read and be very focused on what you are reading enabling you to hear nothing around you and the people who talks to you, you will not be able to hear them because you are focused on reading. Most of the people who read too much are experiencing this every day as they sit and read many books, they experience to hear nothing from the people who talk around them. As they finish reading, that is the time that they will hear something or someone and they will be surprised that these people are talking to them where in fact these reader don’t hear them because they are much focused on reading.


This is a problem for most of the people who love to read, they read lots of books and novels for them to have and entertained but as they read, they will not noticed the time because they will enjoy reading. Is also a problem for office worker when they read and be entertained they will not notice the time and after they read they will be surprise that they spend these lots of time in reading wherein they have lots of work to do, this will lead them to rush their work and be hysterical from deadlines. This is also a problem from business men who attend meeting as they wait for the time in waiting they will read books, and then when they are entertained they will not notice the time enabling them to be late from meetings and other conference.


As you spend lots of time in reading, you will be experiencing some of sore muscles around your body. Some of the book lover is experiencing body pains from their band around their neck. These body pains are acquired in spending lots of time in reading if you have a bad body position while you read then you will probably experience these body pains to. Avoiding this case is just simple, have a good body position while you read, seek for positions that you are comfortable and after that you can read. Many book geeks are experiencing these pains around their nape and their back, some others are having pain from their shoulders and neck.


When your mind is very focused on reading, you will no longer notice the things and people around you because you are intend to be focused on reading a books. When your mind is set from reading you will definitely not noticed the things around you and the people you are up to. This is also experienced by most of the readers they usually not noticing the things around them and what is happening around them. This is a bad situation wherein you are not able to know what the things are that is happening around you because your mind is se to read a book not for the things around you.

Basically reading is not bad in our daily life instead this habit gives us lots of knowledge for our language skills. The bottom line it is just a matter of balancing our daily habit from the things we do every day. We must consider the other things around us not just the reading habit but also the people around us. We must divide our time equally from the things we do every day. Reading is just a habit don’t make your entire life spend just of reading bestselling books online.

Reading is just a helpful way from us to develop our skills and learn different things make sure that this habit will help you not to put your life in inappropriate manner. You can look for bestselling books online or you can search for bestselling authors for more options in reading.