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Confessions of a Novel Reader

Good Books on RelationshipReading is a diversion from the real world to a fantasy world. Especially when you are reading a book from the author of best selling books, or fantasy and adventure, it brings you to an exciting world, a world of your own. It escapes you from the reality, and it inspires you to change some aspects in your life, or look at life in a different perspective. Sometimes it also put yourself into the character and let you experience new emotions.

It also brings to a place that you would never get to see; you learn things that you may never learn in real life situation. When the author describes all the things that are written in the book, you imagine them, it’s like painting your imagination in a blank canvas, and it’s relaxing. It’s a stress reliever at the end of a long day, and it can even give a good night sleep, just like drinking your warm glass of milk.

Reading novels is also better than watching TV, because it makes your mind active and it helps you become a good speller and have a better vocabulary. Characters in novels as well are a lot better than in movies, novel books really open your mind to different world and beliefs that you might never experience except through reading the book.

The ideal place in reading the best selling romance books is under your warm blanket, you can better absorb every details, and all the words and emotions, your vocabulary really benefits from it. But do not force yourself to read if you feel like you are not in the mood to read, because if you force yourself, none of the words that you are reading will sink in to you.

If you haven’t read a good novel yet and thinking what benefits could you get if you’ll start reading one now. Well, here’s something that you should know about reading:

Enhances Your Creativity

If you are in the industry of blogging, advertising, graphic design, or to any similar job, you need to always have new and fresh ideas. Reading novels or any kinds of bestselling books will get you think creatively; it can literally spark your ideas for advertising, it can help you structure a smart blog post, or it can even help you think of a new graphic design, based on the imagining different things that you get from reading.

You’ll become more Intelligent and Confident

People who read books tend to be more intelligent and confident. A person who’s able to converse with his friends, clients, or even to his boss about recent bestselling novels or the classic ones can create a great first impression. You will be a different from anyone else in the room, but in a positive manner.

Enhances Your Vocabulary

Reading enhances your vocabulary, because contents on novels are heavier and meaningful rather than those easy read books. A novel book reader usually has his dictionary beside him, when he come across to this unfamiliar words, he take a minute to check on them on the dictionary. So every time you read, you always learn a new word that expands or enhances your vocabulary.

No Idle Time

Books are very handy; you can bring and read them to anywhere. You won’t find yourself doing nothing, in the office while you are having a break time, while you are in the bus on your way home, while you are waiting for someone in the coffee shop and even on the long drive out of town. Reading books makes the most out of your time.

Sweet Escape

When you are stressed, lonely, not feeling well or felling miserable, reading a novel from the author of best selling books is a sure remedy. You will be amazed on how quickly it can ease and forget what’s bothering you; it will give you a good vibes towards everything. The characters and situation in the novel will intrigue and excite you. After reading, you will find yourself more relaxed, inspired and sometimes it motivates you.

Inexpensive Luxury

Most of us think that in order for you to relax you’ll need to spend money: Have a vacation, have a spa treatment, go to a salon, go shopping, unwind to your favorite bar, or have an overnight stay in Las Vegas, but a novel book only costs a few dollars and it will give you hours of entertainment and relaxation. It will bring you to places where not everyone can reach, you’ll be able to meet a lot of characters, and can learn a lot from the story. Reading a novel is like having a vacation to wonderland.

It will make you Active while Relaxing

Reading is sort of active relaxation, it will connect your mind with the story, it will make you busy translating each and every word from each page, and it will make you convert those words into mental images. It is more relaxing than watching a TV. No wonder why novel readers say they lose themselves in a book.

It gives you a Positive outlook in Life

Reading a novel book can give you new insights about life, maybe you’ll meet a character in the book that has similar characteristic to you, and you’ll learn to improve all your flaws that you know you had. Or maybe the story in the novel is about courage, and it will inspire to strive against all the problems that you are encountering in your life. It can encourage you to see new things in life, a different point of view, and it will explain to you how beautiful life is and how to live life to the fullest.

So when was the last time you read a novel? Do you already read the best selling romance books? Or are you currently reading one now? Are you into Romance, Fiction, Drama, Gothic, or Magic? Choose whatever your interest is, so you’ll be able to enjoy every word that’s in the book. Happy Reading!