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How to Write a Best Book

In this high tech advanced world that we live in now, it appears many may have forgotten books, or at least lost touch with them for entertainment. We have television with multitudes of channels and devices that allow you to record programs and view them whenever you want so you can basically have an unlimited supply of entertainment to view.

Author of Best Selling BooksIn a generation where virtually every household has a computer with an internet connection, we can email, visit chat rooms and more. There are chat rooms and websites on every topic you can think of. So where does that leave books in our lives?

What role do books play in your everyday life? Are they dust-collectors on a library shelf? Do you pull them down when you need to look for something or to find the definition of unfamiliar text?

They say that everyone has a book in them. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but the difference is that very often people talk about their desire to write a book, but never seem to make the time, and constantly make excuses as to why they never seem to get around to it.

Others act on their desire, opening themselves up to receiving ideas or inspiration and hey presto, before they know it they are writing their masterpiece. Whether you start writing your book right now or at a future date is immaterial, although it is better to act on your idea and start right away.

First of all you need to decide what you are going to write about, and what sort of a book it is going to be. Will research be required or is it a subject that you are familiar with? Is it information that is going to be of interest to the reader? What niche are you targeting? Is there a market out there who will purchase your book? Do you have people interested enough in your subject and willing to part with their hard earned cash?

Is it going to be regular books in which case you may need a Publisher or will you write an e-Book or self publish? Perhaps you should spend time doing your own research to determine if there is room for another book like yours on the market. How can you make your book different to all of the others? What will your unique selling point be? Check out resources to see the type of books people are buying as this will give you a good indication of what your potential market is likely to be and if it will be a popular choice.

It’s better to choose a subject matter that you know about and can write about easily. If your subject is your passion like writing a best selling romance books, then the better, you will find that when you are in the zone and writing about your passion, then the inspiration will flow whenever you are immersed in your writing. Whether you are writing as a hobby or for a living, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are happy with what you are doing. You may even make a lot of money from your hobby which could be the start of a new project or lucrative lifestyle for you.

After you have decided upon the topic of your book, start collecting ideas for it. When something grabs your attention, no matter where you are, write it down and capture as much information as you can. Thoughts could come to you at any time. You might be grocery shopping or at your son’s soccer game. The best thing is to be prepared and always keep a pad of paper and pen with you. Or, even better, you can have a small hand-held voice recorder.

You’ll be amazed at where inspiration can strike. For example, as you are sitting at your child’s outdoor sporting event, focus on things going on around you. Perhaps you see a child playing off by himself in the dirt and you watch as another child around the same age slowly and shyly approaches, wanting to be friends. Before long, they have bonded and are now sharing their toys or reading good books for children. Write the scenario down and think later, about ways you could use that story to illustrate a point when you are writing your book. A pad of paper and pen or the voice recorder will soon become your greatest companion!

The “ideas” you collect don’t necessarily have to apply to your current writing project. Keep the collected ideas on hand for the right moment or project. When you need ideas, simply refer to your idea collection to draw something new from it, and something fresh to spawn more ideas!

Romance Novels for Modern Women

Best Selling Romance BooksEverybody knows that women are really a fan of romance novels. In fact, 90% of the best selling romance book readers are female.

Romantic love stories are very appealing to women, because it has something to do with what their feeling in their own lives. Some are dreaming of having a romantic relationship while some are enjoying the sincere attention of their male suitors. Most men in romance novels cater their women with passionate love, care and affection. This is the ideal romantic relationship in real life for most women.

Some romance novels tackle erotic romance, and these types of stories became an instant hit to modern women, and it has also become a pop culture sensation. And most of these romance novels are ranking on the Top 10 New York Times bestselling books.

In this modern age where communicating and getting connected with our love ones is by means of text messaging or by sending a message on Twitter, these romance novel stories of deep physical and emotional relationships brings a retreat from reality.

A critic says the reason why these romance novels are appealing to modern women is because; these novels have captured the weaknesses of most women without competing with the television, iPhone, iPad or to any countless existing distractions in the real world. Romance novels also present opposites views. Author of the bestselling books uses sensual scenes to present a healthy activity by two adults that in the end they will fall in love with each other. Women gets satisfied when they read these sensual scenes, they explore their fantasies which they are dreaming to experience it in reality. Some women says, it is really the closest thing that a woman can ever get; a true romance in real life.

Foreplay is also one of the reason why modern women loves to read romance story, most of the romance books often represents a woman who gets a man’s full attention, and the best authors really knows how to interpret the scenes in their romance novels.

And for the women who have hectic schedules and don’t have time for real life romance anymore, they have become numb with their tedious chores, and reading these romance novels serves as their outlet. They feel each and every part of the story that is as if they are the main character in the novel. Reading novels also reminds them that they are humans too, and that there are still a lot of beautiful and exciting things waiting for them

Romance novel also serves as their outlet when they are stressed or feeling devastated. It also helps them think on how to work out their romantic relationships in real life. Some women are unhappy or unsatisfied with their partners in real life, and reading romance novels helps them reflect their experiences of being a woman in a positive manner. It empowers them and uplifts their spirits.

And through these fictional characters in teenage romance books or novels, women are enjoying the sensual experiences. Some characters in the novels are too far behind the reality, not every woman can just go to a bar and would ask a guy if he wants to go home with her for a night. Well, in the romance novels, it’s just as easy as ordering a shot of tequila.

But most of all, modern women read best books on relationship novels because it keeps them motivated and inspired, especially to those who have lost faith in love and romance. Not every women gets romantic love affair in real life easily. And reading these romance novels can change this faith and motivates them to try and try until they find their true aspiration.