How Important Is Romance in Your Life?

Do you love romance?

Do you wish your significant other would provide the romance you need? Well it is possible.

Best Books on RelationshipResearchers have done humongous amounts of research on what makes men and women tick when it comes to romance. They have found that men just need visual stimulation while women require something entirely different.

Women get turned on by romance. Not the type of stuff that men like but the talk of romantic type stimuli. If a woman reads about how the significant other in the romance novel brought flowers for no particular reason, asked her to go out to dinner, took her to a great restaurant, plied her with wine, fondled her hand, listened to her and just treated her with romantic treats then he is in like Flynn.

Which is exactly why so many women buy romance novels. They get their stimuli with these books.

Men are not doing their job. Women need the assistance that these books give them. So if you find your lady friend or wife reading a romance novel, don’t tell her she is just reading trash, convince her that she needs to read more of those great books.

Historical romance books are one of the world’s most popular forms of literature. There are also numerous writers and titles and, of course, these are not all of the same high standard. To provide some assistance in sorting and selecting the works which merit your attention, the bestselling lists of the world’s largest bookstore have been explored to bring you a selection of their top selling items.

These historical romances are full of intrigue, adventure, passion and romance. They are by some of the leading writers in this genre; authors who have produced many successful books of romantic fiction.

Do you know what is better then reading those great books? If you can listen to them while you day dream about those events that are occurring or just turn off the lights and close your eyes while listening to romance.

Most audio books have professional readers that can make a great novel sound delirious and wonderful. When a book is listened to, you will retain over 20% of the material you have been listening to while reading a book only allows you to retain about 9% of the material.

If you can read a novel or a book written by the author of best selling books and listen to an unabridged version of the novel at the same time, you will retain over 60%. Isn’t that great.

When you go to an audio book store online, you can download a best selling romance books right into your computer. When that audio book is downloaded, you can listen to it from the computer. Or you burn it to a disc, load it to a MP3 player or an iPod. Then you will have the book loaded in your computer for future reference all the while you are listening to it by some other means.

So, if you have not thought about getting an audio book maybe you should! At least try one.


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