Why people read books? – Best selling novels


                Every book contains lots information that every individual needs. Reading book enhance an individual knowledge. Reading serves as food in everyone’s brain. Ancient people engraved their knowledge on walls or stones, that’s why people in the present don’t understand ancient writing. People practice their reading and writing by going to school. Books are the main tool that a school offers for every student.

People read books for a certain reason like,


                A novel contains stories that give lesson or idea for every reader. Most people love to read novels because it brings entertainment to them. Novels have lots of categories such as drama, comedy, fantasy and horror. Drama novels are mostly appreciated by women, from the word “drama” it contains love stories or misfortune that sometimes readers make them cry. Comedy novels contain stories that are funny and make every reader laugh. Fantasy novels usually contain characters that are beyond imagination such as animals that can speak, it also contains action that is impossible like flying characters and people with magic powers. Horror novels are known to be the children’s fear because it contains character that is scary like monsters and ghost. Readers should have enough courage before they read horror novels. There are best selling novels nowadays that readers will surely love.


                People read books that are interesting and help them on a certain field. College schools usually offer books that are related in every profession. There are books for Architects, Engineers, Teachers or Nurses. Students will learn more about a certain profession that they want with those kinds of books. One good example is a Cook Book; it will give a person lot of ideas on a certain dish including the steps and the ingredients. Serving good food is one of the tasks that parents need to fulfill. Books are really big help for an individual for their future want to be.


                There are some questions in mind that hasn’t been answered that’s why people are willing to read books. Lots of unexplainable things or phenomenon that makes people asks questions like how did that happen? Is it real? People search for answers by reading books that have the same subject. One example is the past. Some books say that humans are made of mud, but the Holy Bible says God created humans. Every book has different thoughts that make researchers have difficulties to indentify if it is real or not.

Build Self Confidence

                Successful people these days wrote their life in a form of book to encourage people strive for their dreams. Motivational book contains the life of a certain person who reaches their dreams. The steps and the things that a successful person did are usually included. With this kind of book, readers will never give up on their dreams.


                People read books because they gain new knowledge. Try searching for the best selling books online. Nowadays online books are more popular than printed books because it is more affordable. I recommend Peter Andrew Sacco because his books are very interesting.



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I'm Carl, 24 years of age. A writer or author of best selling books.

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