Tips to reading comprehension – best selling books online

The ability to understand what you read is very important especially to everyday life. This is very important especially to students and children in early age. Here are some helpful tips that can help you improve your reading comprehension to increase the ability in learning.


Set Time

If you want to increase your ability for understanding and reading you have to set time and give priority to it. Discipline is very important to achieve what you want. Setting time for something you want to achieve can have a great effect on your learning.



Most people won’t understand what they read if the first reading. If you don’t understand what you read then you have to read it repeatedly until you understand what you read. Some will not read the text again because they think it won’t matter. But if you want to understand what you read you have to read it repeatedly.



On every text you read you will notice that there are patterns or structure that constructs a paragraph. Mostly paragraph has a beginning, middle and end part section. If you know the function of every parts of the paragraph, you can easily understand or know what the author meant to say in its book.



Most people read a book without understanding it. They read just to read it, but the proper way is to read and understand it. What is the difference? Reading without understanding what you read is just a waste of time. Comprehension is better than speed.



Taking notes is not a bad idea because this can help you more understand what you are reading. Example if you take note on the words or paragraph that you don’t understand, you can then look in the dictionary to know about what it is.



Just like taking note research is very important to understand what you read. You can research first about the author on what type of books he wrote and then you will know what type of book you are going to read.


Test Yourself

Testing yourself is not a bad idea at all. Try reading another book and test if you can understand the story or what the author is telling about the story.



If you want to read books try searching for the best-selling books online to read the best books. I recommend the books of Peter Andrew Sacco because of all the interesting books he wrote online. He is also a known author that has many books including online books or eBooks. 


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I'm Carl, 24 years of age. A writer or author of best selling books.

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