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Did you know that even eBooks are popular nowadays they lack certain things from the real books? Basically lots of us love to read eBooks because it is hustle free and there is lots of advantage of having eBooks to read. EBooks are good in portability because you can read anywhere just simply open it in your device and you are ready to read but did you know that the real books has some advantages rather than the eBook? Well, these advantages are not noticed by most of the readers these advantages show that real books are better from eBooks in terms of usage and capability.

Books are important because from the old ages these reading materials give us knowledge and information about different things inside and outside the world that is how the books are valued and treasured. The eBooks are just similar from the real books but these two things have different characteristic that made them important. You can look for books from library or in the internet with Bestselling Books Online. Most of the people believe that real books are better than e books.

These are the Main reasons why books are better than ebooks


Some of us read books while taking bath into bathtubs while relaxing a good feeling from warm water, people read reading materials like books or newspapers. You can definitely read books while you are in the bath because if you use your gadget to read books while you are in the bath, it might be broken from splashing some water to it. The real books have these advantages from this situation because if books got wet from taking your bath, you can easily make it dry rather than you gadget. If might be broken or worst case, it might slipper in your hands and wipe out from the water.


Reading under the sun is great idea for the characters to be more readable, if you read eBooks you will have a hard time reading under the sun because the rays of the light will be reflected in your gadget’s screen enabling the screen to be not visible enough to show the characters. Most of us are experiencing hard when our mobile phone’s screen are penetrated by sunlight, this situation is giving a hard times for us because we can’t see the screen of our mobile phones. Reading eBooks with your gadget will bring hustle for you if you are intend to read under the sun that is why the actual books are more credible in reading under the sun.


Another advantage of real books from eBooks is that you can read books while traveling inside a plane rather than eBooks. Mobile devices and other gadgets are not allowed to turn on inside the plane while traveling because devices produce radiation that might affect the plane enabling the plane to have some problems while you are in the top of the air. Real books don’t require to be turned of while you are in the plane that is why it is simple yet effective way of reading inside a plane rather than the eBooks itself.


Some scenarios in our home when are mother is having a hard time in filling some of our empty shelves, books are great things to put through a blank shelves. If a shelve is blank and your mother is confused from thinking what are the possible things to put into a blank shelves books are great things to put and this have to benefits, the shelves is filled and the books are arranged. It is easy isn’t? basically shelves are to put things into order, that is why books are one appropriate thing to use to fill these blank shelves and have a nice arrangement of your things right on time.


Gadgets and mobile devices contains batteries and power supplies in able to start, if these batteries run out then the devices will shut down or turn off, these is a hustle situation if you want to read your eBook but your devices run out of power. This is an advantage of a real books it doesn’t require batteries and power supplies that is why you can read all the time and basically books last through the ages, the only way to the book to die is from some scenarios like fire of other disaster but most of all books last in many ages and it will be preserved depends of your care to it.

Reading eBooks rather than the real books is not bad, especially when these both reading materials gives you lots of knowledge and information about the things you need for you to become smarter and learn lots of things. You can look for Bestselling Books Online or you can stick in the old way by searching for books into the library.

You can look for Bestselling authors if you don’t have any idea on what must the book you read and choose among the selections for you to have a great books to read.


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