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Why reading is better than watching TV? Are there any benefits from these circumstances? These are just a few questions that are raised by most of the people and readers. Lots of people just love to read many books and many novels because this habit gives them lots of knowledge and benefits from reading these reading materials. In fact, reading has been proven to the one of the things that gives lots of benefits for the readers not just to earn different knowledge but also from exercising our brain and sharpen it. There are lots of people who also love to watch TV because televisions give us information and entertainment when we are watching it. Watching TV lets us getting aware from what are the latest events and news all around the globe but admit it or not too much watching TV has also disadvantages same through with reading.

Reading from these Bestselling Books online gives us lots of benefits that we can use every day. Admit it or not reading has these few things that make it better than watching TV. These few things are just not noticed by most of the people. These advantages make the book better than watching TV.

Here are the Reasons why reading why reading is better than watching TV


We all want to have a quiet place where you want to do something or you don’t want to be disturbed while you are doing your habit. We don’t want to intend to be interrupt or distract when we are doing some stuff and we are concentrated that is why reading is one habit that produces no sound. Reading is quiet and if you do reading just produces sounds when you turn the page while reading. This quiet habit allows the people around you to hear minimal sounds unlike watching TV, TV produces different sounds and voices that might interrupt some people who are focused on what they are doing.


The disadvantage of watching TV is when you fell asleep you will lose anything from that particular night. You will lose whatever scene and action you are watching from. In this particular situation watchers are getting sad or pissed when they suddenly fell asleep while watching their favorite TV program or their favorite movies. The worst case scenario is when you wait for most several days for that particular TV program and then suddenly you fell asleep you will be getting easily pissed because the effort to wait is wasted unlike when you are reading and you fell asleep, when you wake up you can continue from whatever page you are reading and it is hustle free.


This is just a basic factor but gain lots of advantages. Reading books can be done anywhere and anytime just simply get the book turn the pages and you are ready to go. Probably you will not do the same thing as watching television because if you watch television anywhere you want you will bring the whole of your television showcase plus some power supplies and antennas to be able to watch anywhere. That might consider as one of the stupidest things you will doing. You will definitely not doing that aren’t you? Reading books can be done in any place and you will not be required to carry lots of things to do these things.


This is one of the funny things in reading books, you will not be experiencing commercials while reading. Unlike watching TV when the scene is almost o the main plot, then suddenly a commercial will flash and you will be getting pissed because these commercials are interrupting your feeling in the movie. Reading doesn’t contain these kind of disturbing things up. That is why in this section reading is more ahead than watching your own televisions.


Sharing is just a good manner for all of us not just for books but also from different things in our life. Particular with books, sharing is just simple if you have different books and your friend wants to read it you can share it from them and this manner will definitely build your relationships. This factor has two things to build your relationship from your friends and to share the story from the books.


The bottom line is there is nothing to worry about these two habits because this is just of our everyday life, there is anything wrong from watching TV in fact watching TV has also lots of benefits that give upon us. It is just a matter of balancing what is intend to be balanced from watching TV and from Reading Bestselling Books online. It is just depend upon us on how we use these things to gain our own physical and mental benefits.

Reading books from Bestselling authors makes the readers happy and entertained and for those who love to watch TV, watching makes them aware from what are happenings and the current events from the world no matter how much debate you made these things are part of our life and there are lots of purpose why these things are made for us.

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