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A book can mean different thing, but basically this is a written or printed work that consist of pages. But most people see this as a thing that contains different pages and topics. Basically there are different kind of books and different topics. A book is known as the main source of knowledge since the early age because a book contains different subject and knowledge that the author wrote. If you want to look for some other great reading materials and books you can search the internet and browse some of the bestselling novels or you can also look for the bestselling books online and look for the bestselling author who produce awesome books that are available online.


Here are some of the different kinds of books:



What is a dictionary? Well basically this is a kind of book that concerns on words. It has a collection of words and their meaning. What is the use of a dictionary? This is used to find the meaning of a word and on how they are pronounced. This also shows some example on how the word is used in a sentence. This can be very helpful to some essayist because the more words you know the more efficient you are at creating creative essays.


Comic Book

This is a very popular type of books especially for children. So basically a comic has also a set of pages except that it has a story and the characters are drawn in it. You can notice that in a comic they create a speech bubble where the script of the characters can be read. If you want to create your own comic books then you have to decide a good story for it. Basically each scene in the story is drawn in a panel and has their script.



Usually a novel is a long prose narrative that describes fictional characters and events. So basically a novel has a story that can have an unrealistic event. Have you ever watch Twilight saga? Well this is a popular movie, but this movie is taken from a novel and made into a movie. Most big hit movies came from novels. A novel also has different genre, this is the theme of the story. This genre can be romance, action, horror, sci-fi and many more.



With our time today, we have different technologies that can help us gain more knowledge and more convenient living. EBook is one of the popular types of book that is made today using the technology. Basically this is a book that can be read using a kindle; basically it is used using a gadget. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to publish an eBook. Basically you can create your own eBook and publish it yourself. 


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