What you NEED when you READ

Do you like reading books? If you do, maybe you already have lots of books in your house. Books are the main tool to acquire knowledge on a certain subject. Though there are lots of information that you can find in the internet, there are still readers who likes books that surfing in the internet. Books are handy and can be carried anywhere you go. If you want to read interesting books, you can search all the best selling books online. You can also search some interesting books in the library. You can ask the librarian about the books that are mostly borrowed. Ask also your friends if they have some interesting books that they can recommend. If you want to understand the book that you are reading properly, you should need to know the proper way of reading. Some people just read the words and sentences in the books without even understanding what they read. You also need few things in order for you to enjoy reading books.


Here are few things that you need when you read




Yes! The first thing you need if you want to read is the book. Do you want to read a book that will not suit your interest? Most people stop reading and think that reading is boring because they choose a random book which doesn’t suit their interest. You will not be able to enjoy a book if it is not interesting. You should choose a book that is base on your interest. For example, you love funny movies or TV shows, you might want to read funny novels. Novels have different genres like, funny, horror, drama, fiction, history etc. If you are still studying or in college, you might want to read books that is related in your course to expand your knowledge about it.


Comfortable Place


After you choose the book that you want to read, the next thing you need to do is choose a comfortable place for you to read. You might want to read in your room so that no one can distract you from reading. Choose a place wherein there is peace. Stay away from a noisy place; you definitely won’t understand what you are reading because of noise and other distractions. If you want to read in a cool place like park, make sure to bring earplugs so that you won’t be able to hear sounds around you. You also need to choose a comfortable position while you read.




Do you want to fully understand the book that you are reading? There are times that readers don’t understand a certain scene in the book when they encounter some words that they don’t know or understand. You need to bring a dictionary with you so that you will be able to know the meaning of the word that you see in the first time. It will be hard for readers to understand the word even if they read the sentence multiple times. So bring a dictionary so that you don’t need to stop reading and think for a long time for the meaning of the word.


Book Mark


A book mark has a very important role in reading books. You can place the book mark in the page where you stop reading, in that way, when you read again, you will surely know where to start reading. It will be a waste of time trying to search page by page just to know where you stop the last time you read. Even if you plan to finish the book that you are reading in your whole day, you still need a bookmark. What if you need to go into the bathroom? What if your family members ask you to help them for a while? Isn’t it useful?




When you read, your face is close to the book that you read especially if you read while lying on your bed. It is a good idea to wear glasses (reading glass) so that your eyes won’t hurt too much if you plan to read for a long time especially if the words that you read are getting blurry. You won’t be able to understand the words that you read when your sight is getting blurry.




If you already choose your book and your place to read, you might want to bring food. If you are planning to read in a park don’t forget to bring food. In that way, you don’t need to stop reading a search for food when you feel hungry. Most people can’t absorb information that they hear or read when they are feeling hungry. You can bring snacks to avoid getting hungry when you read. Don’t forget to bring water. Research shows that if you drink lots of water, your brain will function properly.




Most readers read books in day times, there are also readers who read books before they go to sleep. If you are planning to read at night, you should have light so that you can see the words clearly. Even if you read in a dim place, your eyes will surely get hurt if you try to read in a dim or dark place. Most readers have a lamp on their tables so that even if they turn of the light in their room, there is still a lamp to light up the book.


You will definitely gain lots of information by reading different types of books. Books can also be use for entertainment. It can remove the stress of a reader. It can also affect the personality or the mood of a person depends on the type of book that they read. For example, you read a funny novel before you go to work; you will surely be in a good mood all day. If you want to search for some interesting books online, I recommend Peter Andrew Sacco because his books are very interesting and he is also a good author.


Additional Tips


  • If you don’t have enough money to buy a book, you can go into a library and borrow books.
  • You can also read in the library if you want a peaceful place to read.
  • If you read a book outside your house and you forgot your dictionary, you can still write down all the words that you don’t understand and know their meaning when you got home.
  • Make sure that the food you will eat will not make your stomach ache; you will not be able to enjoy or finish what you are reading if you stay in the toilet.
  • You also need to try other genres of books; there are other books that will definitely suit your interest too.


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I'm Carl, 24 years of age. A writer or author of best selling books.

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