Why Real Books are better than EBooks? – Bestselling Books Online


Did you know that even eBooks are popular nowadays they lack certain things from the real books? Basically lots of us love to read eBooks because it is hustle free and there is lots of advantage of having eBooks to read. EBooks are good in portability because you can read anywhere just simply open it in your device and you are ready to read but did you know that the real books has some advantages rather than the eBook? Well, these advantages are not noticed by most of the readers these advantages show that real books are better from eBooks in terms of usage and capability.

Books are important because from the old ages these reading materials give us knowledge and information about different things inside and outside the world that is how the books are valued and treasured. The eBooks are just similar from the real books but these two things have different characteristic that made them important. You can look for books from library or in the internet with Bestselling Books Online. Most of the people believe that real books are better than e books.

These are the Main reasons why books are better than ebooks


Some of us read books while taking bath into bathtubs while relaxing a good feeling from warm water, people read reading materials like books or newspapers. You can definitely read books while you are in the bath because if you use your gadget to read books while you are in the bath, it might be broken from splashing some water to it. The real books have these advantages from this situation because if books got wet from taking your bath, you can easily make it dry rather than you gadget. If might be broken or worst case, it might slipper in your hands and wipe out from the water.


Reading under the sun is great idea for the characters to be more readable, if you read eBooks you will have a hard time reading under the sun because the rays of the light will be reflected in your gadget’s screen enabling the screen to be not visible enough to show the characters. Most of us are experiencing hard when our mobile phone’s screen are penetrated by sunlight, this situation is giving a hard times for us because we can’t see the screen of our mobile phones. Reading eBooks with your gadget will bring hustle for you if you are intend to read under the sun that is why the actual books are more credible in reading under the sun.


Another advantage of real books from eBooks is that you can read books while traveling inside a plane rather than eBooks. Mobile devices and other gadgets are not allowed to turn on inside the plane while traveling because devices produce radiation that might affect the plane enabling the plane to have some problems while you are in the top of the air. Real books don’t require to be turned of while you are in the plane that is why it is simple yet effective way of reading inside a plane rather than the eBooks itself.


Some scenarios in our home when are mother is having a hard time in filling some of our empty shelves, books are great things to put through a blank shelves. If a shelve is blank and your mother is confused from thinking what are the possible things to put into a blank shelves books are great things to put and this have to benefits, the shelves is filled and the books are arranged. It is easy isn’t? basically shelves are to put things into order, that is why books are one appropriate thing to use to fill these blank shelves and have a nice arrangement of your things right on time.


Gadgets and mobile devices contains batteries and power supplies in able to start, if these batteries run out then the devices will shut down or turn off, these is a hustle situation if you want to read your eBook but your devices run out of power. This is an advantage of a real books it doesn’t require batteries and power supplies that is why you can read all the time and basically books last through the ages, the only way to the book to die is from some scenarios like fire of other disaster but most of all books last in many ages and it will be preserved depends of your care to it.

Reading eBooks rather than the real books is not bad, especially when these both reading materials gives you lots of knowledge and information about the things you need for you to become smarter and learn lots of things. You can look for Bestselling Books Online or you can stick in the old way by searching for books into the library.

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Basic Reading Guidelines for Children – Best Selling Books online

Well almost every parent wants to teach their child on how to read. There are different techniques and ways on how a parent can teach their child, the attitude of a parent can also determine on how a child can learn. Usually, a child imitates their parents, when parents read in a regular basis then more likely the child will do the same.

Here are some guidelines that a parent can do to help their child on learning how to read:


This was mention above; since the nature of a child is to imitate their parents or someone close to them then it means that the learning can depend on the attitude of the parents. You can notice that a child can be easily inspired by their parents when they see that what the parents do is enjoyable. Example if a child sees her parents enjoy reading, and then more likely the child will want to read too. Another thing is that children tend to be curious with its surrounding, when he is surrounded by books then more likely he will look for a book.

 Layout of the Book

Well don’t be disappointed when your child did not learn to read within a week. Mostly all children learn after a year or more, this is to the reason that children need to understand different things before they learn reading. One of these things is the layout of the book they read. Children need to understand that a book has an outside page where the name of the author can be seen and that a book must be read from front to back and not the opposite way.

Choose Books

It is important to choose different books for your child. Why? Because you can’t expect a child to like any books, there will always be books that interest him and there will be books that won’t. If you want to make your child learn, you must also consider his liking. A child tends to learn more if he is enjoying what he do.


It is also important that you listen to your child when he is reading because this can make him feel that you appreciate his improvement. It is advisable to let your child read aloud when reading; try listening to him when you are both in a good form. Remove or prevent any distraction so that you can give your full attention to your child when he does reading.


Teaching needs instruction, this is important to make your child learn the proper way of reading. When giving an instruction to your child makes sure you look at him and standing close to him. Do not shout him because this might cause a negative effect on him.

Well there are different books you can read, but you don’t have to spend so much money just to buy a book for your child. With our time today where technology is present, there are lots of things you can look for. You can try search the web for the best selling books online to know the best books you can have. But I recommend looking for Peter Andrew Sacco for his books.

How to become a good author – author of bestselling books

Being an author means you are a writer. But what is a writer? Basically these are people who write books and stories as a part of their job. Some make books just because they love doing it and not involved in any job of theirs.  But being a writer has certain standards and some knowledge about different things.


Here are some ideas and tips if you want to be a good author:



This is the most important thing that a writer must have. You must be well-read, meaning you need to read different books and not just the books that you like. As a writer it is important to read constantly because if you do not read you will never be a writer. Well it is natural to read because you are a writer and you can even get some ideas and inspiration for all the books you have read.



Imagination is also one important to become a good writer or author. Let us put it this way, when building a house you can’t just build it right? You need some materials to make it right and build it right. Same as when writing a book, you can’t make a book without the help of your imagination because if you did made it without your imagination it will be more likely have no sense.


Good story-teller

As a writer you need to tell your reader a good story and deliver the contents in a way that they will understand it. But the point here is that you need to be a good story teller by making a story, meaning you are creating a lie that can entertain people. When building a story you tend to create a story that is not even happening in the real world, but that is not illegal because it can also entertain and make people think or imagine things.



Well you may not know about it but creating a book requires a lot of patience because it usually takes a lot of time creating it. Some writers create their books within years and another for publishing and editing it. If you really want to be an author you need to have a lot of patience to create a good book.


Accept Critics

Don’t expect to have a fair game on you when you are a successful writer. Mostly when a writer wrote a book there will be critics or people who will make good and bad comments about the book you wrote. But whenever someone gives you critics, don’t take it personally. Instead you can apply their comments to improve your work and also improve your writing.


With our world today, there are lots of authors who sell different books. But if you want to know the author of bestselling books then you can try search the web. But you can also look for Peter Andrew Sacco and all the interesting books he have done.

Why Reading Books is So Important – Author of bestselling books

We already know that reading can help you in different ways especially in learning. But why reading books is important? We will be talking about that with this post. Hope that this can help you in any way.


Explore New Things

There are different kinds of books today. But most of them contain new things that you might like. Example of this is a book where you will know how to cook, dance, play, etc. And that alone can make you explore things. There are also people who read books for hobby; you might also make a hobby out of it.


Self Improvement

We know that reading is the most basic part of learning. This can also be part of improving yourself. Example of this is when you are reading your mind is more open and you tend to understand the things that are happening around you. Another is when reading you will know different things like how to memorize, how to build confidence, etc.


Improve Understanding

Just like stated above, reading can give you a lot of benefits. One of this is that it can improve your understanding. We know that by reading we will know how to understand words and how they are used. But beside from that, reading can also help you understand about the world. Like reading about animals how they live and why they are dangerous.



Reading also helps you to prepare for something you do. Just like in real life, when doing something you often ask someone to teach you or to help you do that. Reading books also gives you the same. Like when having a job interview, you can read on books on what is necessary thing to do in a job interview.



Most author of a book write about their experience in life. So when you read a certain book you tend to learn something from someone. Example of this is books about entrepreneurship; they tend to share their stories about their success and failures. You can learn from them by reading.



Books can be a tool for better communication. How? By reading books you gain knowledge from different kind of things. Having knowledge about things can help you communicate well and adopt from different talks. The point is that reading gives you a “bridge-like” thing to communicate with different people.


Brain Focus

When reading, you tend to be silent to have an understanding about the books that you are reading. Thus making your brain focus on what you do. When your brain has focus on what you are reading then you can feel the point of view of the writer and learn from him.


Imagination and Creativity

Reading lets you explore your imagination, most books have stories and you tend to imagine while reading.  Unlike watching movie, imagination is not there because you already see what you have to see. But when reading, you tend to imagine things that are happening inside the story and therefore increase your imagination and creativity.



Reading books can be fun and with our world today there are different books you can find. If you have a computer with you, you can read books online. Try searching for the best-selling books online and you will encounter different types of books. But I recommend the books of Peter Andrew Sacco because of all the interesting books he has written.

Tips to reading comprehension – best selling books online

The ability to understand what you read is very important especially to everyday life. This is very important especially to students and children in early age. Here are some helpful tips that can help you improve your reading comprehension to increase the ability in learning.


Set Time

If you want to increase your ability for understanding and reading you have to set time and give priority to it. Discipline is very important to achieve what you want. Setting time for something you want to achieve can have a great effect on your learning.



Most people won’t understand what they read if the first reading. If you don’t understand what you read then you have to read it repeatedly until you understand what you read. Some will not read the text again because they think it won’t matter. But if you want to understand what you read you have to read it repeatedly.



On every text you read you will notice that there are patterns or structure that constructs a paragraph. Mostly paragraph has a beginning, middle and end part section. If you know the function of every parts of the paragraph, you can easily understand or know what the author meant to say in its book.



Most people read a book without understanding it. They read just to read it, but the proper way is to read and understand it. What is the difference? Reading without understanding what you read is just a waste of time. Comprehension is better than speed.



Taking notes is not a bad idea because this can help you more understand what you are reading. Example if you take note on the words or paragraph that you don’t understand, you can then look in the dictionary to know about what it is.



Just like taking note research is very important to understand what you read. You can research first about the author on what type of books he wrote and then you will know what type of book you are going to read.


Test Yourself

Testing yourself is not a bad idea at all. Try reading another book and test if you can understand the story or what the author is telling about the story.



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Why people read books? – Best selling novels


                Every book contains lots information that every individual needs. Reading book enhance an individual knowledge. Reading serves as food in everyone’s brain. Ancient people engraved their knowledge on walls or stones, that’s why people in the present don’t understand ancient writing. People practice their reading and writing by going to school. Books are the main tool that a school offers for every student.

People read books for a certain reason like,


                A novel contains stories that give lesson or idea for every reader. Most people love to read novels because it brings entertainment to them. Novels have lots of categories such as drama, comedy, fantasy and horror. Drama novels are mostly appreciated by women, from the word “drama” it contains love stories or misfortune that sometimes readers make them cry. Comedy novels contain stories that are funny and make every reader laugh. Fantasy novels usually contain characters that are beyond imagination such as animals that can speak, it also contains action that is impossible like flying characters and people with magic powers. Horror novels are known to be the children’s fear because it contains character that is scary like monsters and ghost. Readers should have enough courage before they read horror novels. There are best selling novels nowadays that readers will surely love.


                People read books that are interesting and help them on a certain field. College schools usually offer books that are related in every profession. There are books for Architects, Engineers, Teachers or Nurses. Students will learn more about a certain profession that they want with those kinds of books. One good example is a Cook Book; it will give a person lot of ideas on a certain dish including the steps and the ingredients. Serving good food is one of the tasks that parents need to fulfill. Books are really big help for an individual for their future want to be.


                There are some questions in mind that hasn’t been answered that’s why people are willing to read books. Lots of unexplainable things or phenomenon that makes people asks questions like how did that happen? Is it real? People search for answers by reading books that have the same subject. One example is the past. Some books say that humans are made of mud, but the Holy Bible says God created humans. Every book has different thoughts that make researchers have difficulties to indentify if it is real or not.

Build Self Confidence

                Successful people these days wrote their life in a form of book to encourage people strive for their dreams. Motivational book contains the life of a certain person who reaches their dreams. The steps and the things that a successful person did are usually included. With this kind of book, readers will never give up on their dreams.


                People read books because they gain new knowledge. Try searching for the best selling books online. Nowadays online books are more popular than printed books because it is more affordable. I recommend Peter Andrew Sacco because his books are very interesting.


Different Parts of the books and their meaning – best selling books

First off, what is a book? Well this is a collection of pages inside a cover that you can place in a shelf or often seen on the library. But on our time today an eBooks, blog and journal are considered as a book now.


Here are the different parts of the books and their meaning or functions:



Have you ever seen a book without a title? I doubt you did. Every book has their own title, they may not be unique but they will have a title on their front page. A title signifies or is the main topic for a certain book. Example is when you read a book with a title of “Algebra”, the first thing that you will think that it is a book of math algebra. It also identifies or it serves as a hint on what the book content is all about.



Every books has their own author, they are the one who wrote the book. It is important to write the author for a book because this will signify that he was the one who wrote the book and that it was his idea. Once a book was plagiarized, the author can apply the copyright law for the one who copied the book.



This is the company that prints the books. Well this is rather important because if no company decided to print your books then it won’t be published and it will not have the opportunity to be seen by people.



This depends if the book has its image, some books don’t have image so they won’t need an illustrator. Basically illustrators are the one who draw pictures for a book.



This is an introduction of written by the author for a book. It usually has acknowledgement for those who assisted the author in his work.


Table of Contents

This contains list of all the pages. This can really help if you are looking for certain page.



This is an additional matter that the author writes at the end of the book. This can be a document, text, etc.



This is commonly seen at the back end of the book. This is a list of words used by the author, usually hard words and in glossary they put the meaning of the words.




This is like the glossary except that it lists the names, subjects, etc with reference to where they occur. This can also be found at the end of the book.



This is where the content is put. They also call this as the body of the book. It contains all the information, story, etc. of a book.



This is a list of the books of a specific author or publisher, or on a specific subject.




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