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Books for Children Improvement

From the moment a child becomes aware of things around him, we as parents instinctively want to teach. We surround them with color, point to objects and say their names and generally delight in their growing intelligence.

After color comes numbers and then comes their alphabet. Helping them to learn is such a precious part of our relationship with them and so enjoyable too.

Personalized books come into their own when it comes to teaching in the early years. These are books where the child is the main character. They are the beautiful princess in an exciting fairy tale. They are a fierce-some pirate in a swashbuckling adventure. They are the center of attention.

Author of Best Selling BooksPersonalized books for children are not just perfect gifts for all occasions; they help develop reading habits in children. Today, children find playing video games and watching television more interesting than reading books. They find books very boring and unexciting as well. If you start buying personalized books for children right from the time your son has started recognizing pictures and reading his name, he will find interest in books. These books have the child’s name along with his parents and friends and this makes them find deep interest in the stories depicted in these books.

The stories are pre written but there are facilities to add photo, child’s names, child’s birth and about his family as well as child’s friends and neighborhood. Not only this, the child also gets the facility of adding his favorite TV and cartoon characters to the story in the way he wants to see them. In fact, they can create their stories, mold and make modifications according to their desire and needs.

It is not that only those children who can read or write can benefit from these personalized books for children. These books are ideal and useful for toddlers and infants too. Right from the time when the child starts recognizing pictures and images, you can start making him read and make stories with the help of the people and characters he knows and likes. He can also put those characters that he does not like as villains.

Because they see their name in print, and depending on the book, perhaps even their siblings and parents’ names too, children become very engaged with what they are reading. It is the kind of thing that they will be wanting to read again and again.

Most of these children’s books are hard backed so will last a lifetime. Many of these personalized books become heirlooms and are passed on from them to their own children. What an amazing gift to give

Another idea for using these personalized books to educate is to get the child to narrate the story back to you. This really gets the child thinking and organizing their thoughts and teaches them to articulate their thoughts clearly.

The books are mostly simple to read and thus can also be used as early readers. Again, because children can identify with the character in the book, it gives them an incentive to learn to read. These books make wonderful gifts for homeschoolers. Books like teenage romance books, fairy tales and some other good books to read.  All homeschooling mom’s love anything that grabs their child’s attention and encourages them to read. And all homeschooling mom’s love books!

Lastly personalized good books for children can be used for copy writing. All children need to learn how to write and need plenty of practice. Most will try to do as little as possible. Having a book written about them, seeing their names in print and the names of their family too is a great incentive to write. The pictures of the story can also be used as story prompts making another exciting story experience.


Good Books for Teenagers

Books open the windows to uncharted worlds and innovative ideas. Unfortunately, instead of reading, many teenagers and young adults have spent the majority of their free time watching television, playing computerized games, and listing to music on their iPods.

Reading books, both fiction and non-fiction, offers an edge in our increasingly competitive world, and it’s a pleasure that should be encouraged and cultivated in our youth. The teenager or young adult that reads has a distinct edge on their peers.

Good Books for ChildrenThe web is a remarkable resource for readers, including children and teens. It is a comfortable medium for teens and a good place to start when encouraging them to read. Many books and stories are available free of charge. There are, however, several important thing to keep in mind before setting young people free to surf and read.

Surfing for kid-friendly sites can be frustrating and time-consuming. Many young people will give up before they find a satisfactory site with good, inexpensive, easy to access, books and stories for teenagers. Too often sites offering free and inexpensive books for teens, are merely presenting a marginally honest come on. Some offer a free chapter or two and then, once hooked, they offer the rest for a price. Weeding out such sites before the young readers take up the search to find good books for teens, will prevent some of the frustration that can turn them off.

Books and stories on the web come in two main varieties: Hard copies to order and have sent to you (like from Amazon) and digital or e-books which can be downloaded on the spot. More and more it is the second kind that you will find. Many books for teens are now available on the several ‘book reader’ devices. Many individual titles are available on a variety of such ‘players’.

Reading a book is like entering the mind of another person, experiencing their thoughts and feelings, logic and rationalizations. As a result a well-read young adult has an enlightened understanding of people and sometimes world-changing events. Books introduce new ideas, which can open up a different world view and lead to interest in a previously unexplored career possibility, or a new hobby, and may well change the life path a teenager may have otherwise chosen.

In today’s global culture, it’s important for a teenager to gain an understanding of the ethnicity, lifestyles and customs of people all around the world. They gain sophisticated world view and a sense of self-confidence from the knowledge they’ve gained. Teenagers who read always have something to talk about their minds aren’t saturated with media claptrap but instead have a basis of solid knowledge and understanding from the books they have read.

The best part of reading is the pleasure it gives! It’s an escape from the hubbub of the world around them, a distraction from the troubles all teenagers experience, and if they’re lucky it will become a source of enjoyment for the rest of their lives.

If you are trying to encourage reading, try to find an author of best selling books with numerous stories for teenagers or who has written a series of books for teens or teenage romance books. When they find an author or series they like they are likely to go back and find the rest on their own.

Romance Novels for Modern Women

Best Selling Romance BooksEverybody knows that women are really a fan of romance novels. In fact, 90% of the best selling romance book readers are female.

Romantic love stories are very appealing to women, because it has something to do with what their feeling in their own lives. Some are dreaming of having a romantic relationship while some are enjoying the sincere attention of their male suitors. Most men in romance novels cater their women with passionate love, care and affection. This is the ideal romantic relationship in real life for most women.

Some romance novels tackle erotic romance, and these types of stories became an instant hit to modern women, and it has also become a pop culture sensation. And most of these romance novels are ranking on the Top 10 New York Times bestselling books.

In this modern age where communicating and getting connected with our love ones is by means of text messaging or by sending a message on Twitter, these romance novel stories of deep physical and emotional relationships brings a retreat from reality.

A critic says the reason why these romance novels are appealing to modern women is because; these novels have captured the weaknesses of most women without competing with the television, iPhone, iPad or to any countless existing distractions in the real world. Romance novels also present opposites views. Author of the bestselling books uses sensual scenes to present a healthy activity by two adults that in the end they will fall in love with each other. Women gets satisfied when they read these sensual scenes, they explore their fantasies which they are dreaming to experience it in reality. Some women says, it is really the closest thing that a woman can ever get; a true romance in real life.

Foreplay is also one of the reason why modern women loves to read romance story, most of the romance books often represents a woman who gets a man’s full attention, and the best authors really knows how to interpret the scenes in their romance novels.

And for the women who have hectic schedules and don’t have time for real life romance anymore, they have become numb with their tedious chores, and reading these romance novels serves as their outlet. They feel each and every part of the story that is as if they are the main character in the novel. Reading novels also reminds them that they are humans too, and that there are still a lot of beautiful and exciting things waiting for them

Romance novel also serves as their outlet when they are stressed or feeling devastated. It also helps them think on how to work out their romantic relationships in real life. Some women are unhappy or unsatisfied with their partners in real life, and reading romance novels helps them reflect their experiences of being a woman in a positive manner. It empowers them and uplifts their spirits.

And through these fictional characters in teenage romance books or novels, women are enjoying the sensual experiences. Some characters in the novels are too far behind the reality, not every woman can just go to a bar and would ask a guy if he wants to go home with her for a night. Well, in the romance novels, it’s just as easy as ordering a shot of tequila.

But most of all, modern women read best books on relationship novels because it keeps them motivated and inspired, especially to those who have lost faith in love and romance. Not every women gets romantic love affair in real life easily. And reading these romance novels can change this faith and motivates them to try and try until they find their true aspiration.